About Us

Although entrepreneurship education is becoming more active, there is a general understanding that case studies, guest entrepreneurs, and lectures are still the dominant method of teaching the theory of entrepreneurship.  It is our belief that experiential learning should be fun and engaging and argue that innovative in-class experiences can inspire and motivate students to understand theory in a new way.


Consequently, this website should be used to facilitate the teaching and understanding of entrepreneurship topics and to support the learning of fundamental theoretical components of entrepreneurship. Our approach engages students on a cognitive level allowing them to make sense of complex theory through reception, recognition, judgement and remembering through MUSIC!! By linking popular songs to specific topic areas of entrepreneurship, students engage at a new level of cognition which has already shown to have impactful results.


There are multiple ways that we suggest music can be used to teach.  Educators could request that students listen to songs outside of class, could use pre-class music and time the song to end when the class is ready to start (which helps bring the class to attention).  They could also use music within the classroom setting to reinforce ideas and stimulate discussion.  Songs should therefore be chosen to specifically relate to the theoretical concept to be enforced or explored for that day.  Following the song, the teacher could engage in discussion about the song and the link to the specific topic of theory.  The discussion could be as simple as asking students “why did I play that song?  What does that have to do with entrepreneurship?”  Or the educator could give discussion questions for individual or group work.  The core element of this experiential practice is in linking the song to entrepreneurship theory for the purposes of reinforcement, retention and engagement.


This website is designed to support entrepreneurship educations in the process by providing song choices for entrepreneurial content and teaching plans to help engage students in discussion.